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Mold Problem Massachusetts

Mold Problem MassachusettsMold Problem in Massachusetts? it’s everywhere … and most of the time it does not present a problem. However mold problems with indoor mold start when it is found in excessive amounts. Mold if left unattended can affect the air quality of the indoor environment.

The most effective way of preventing mold is not to have a chronic water infiltration issue such as a roof leak, incorrectly installed bathroom vent fan, or improper ventilation in your attic. Another common cause of mold growth is the improper mitigation of a water intrusion. Many homeowners believe that they can handle a small or medium size water intrusion event themselves, with a home shop vacuum. In such a case, although the standing water may be removed, the unseen moisture is what can lead to mold growth. In almost all cases PuroClean can professionally dry the structure and return it to pre-loss condition in three to four days.

Mold Problem MassachusettsDo you have a mold problem in Massachusetts? We can help. Contact us at 978-549-8620 so that we can view and provide information on your current mold problem.

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